Izzie Colpitts-Campbell is a software and electronic artist whose work explores new technology and the body. She is passionate about exploring social technology, alternative education and of course cheeseburgers. Hillary Predko’s design practice centres around fashion tech, design research and community organizing. She is excited about the future of manufacturing and feminist futurism.


Dani Jones is game designer and installation artist exploring personal narratives and false mythologies their work. They have been a member of the Make Change team for the past two years and are excited to do it again.


Erica Tiberia  is a tech educator, creative technologist and builder of robots. She has a background in molecular biology and biotechnology and a passion for digital education, user experience design and human-robotic interaction.


Lindy Wilkins is a Maker and Cyborg currently based in Toronto. They are an enthusiastic educator on fabricating whimsical robots and making beautiful things with lasers. They are co-executive director Little Dada and teach at the Ontario College of Art and Design as well as Sheridan College. Diana Yoon is a designer and communicator who is passionate about social change, sustainable practices, and community organizing. She is excited by the intersections that connect maker culture across Toronto and beyond – particularly with the MakerMap!