Month: October 2017

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown is a teacher librarian & ESL/Special Education teacher in the Peel District School Board in Brampton, Ontario. In her role at a new K to 8 dual track school, Jennifer has the tremendous pleasure of co-constructing the library learning commons right from scratch. Since beginning her teaching career Read More

Kat Singer

Toronto-based queer multidisciplinary artist, activist and educator. Their work spans various media including photography, street art, fibre art, printmaking, drawing and painting. Kat volunteers with local arts-based initiatives and collaborates with other disabled artists on projects promoting visibility, accessibility and inclusion for chronically ill and disabled individuals.

Sorlie Madox

Sorlie Madox (University of Toronto B.A. – Japanese Studies; OCAD B.F.A. – Ceramics + Metalsmithing) I am a cartoonist-artist-writer-scholar-chajin-queer-patient-potter-craftsperson-designer. Since MS has put me in a wheelchair, these formerly fixed things have become moving targets that I race to catch and reincorporate into my life as a maker.

Samantha Yammine

Samantha is a PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto studying how stem cells build, maintain, and can repair the brain. She is also a Science Communicator who loves making science more accessible and fun through social media. You can find her online as Science.Sam!

Lina Kim

Lina Kim is the Senior Services Specialist for Service Innovation at Toronto Public Library. She is part of a team that supports the library’s digital innovation and technology services and spaces across the city.

Ab. Velasco

Ab. Velasco is the Manager of Innovation at Toronto Public Library. Ab. and his teammates oversee the library’s digital innovation and technology spaces and the development of programs and partnerships to support these spaces.

David Hamilton

David is a journalist, writer, and founder ofLab T.O. Coworking – an independent shared workspace in Toronto. His primary focus is on the interplay between technology, economics, and society.

Marcus Gordon

Having joined the OCAD U PHASE Lab in 2014 when working on a collaborative research project on neural imaging, Marcus began to use his design and photography skills in an art research capacity. He was the founder and creative director of Studio Diversity, a freelance design collective which he managed Read More

Nicole George & Cordon Purcell

Cordon Purcell and Nicole George are two Canadian graduate students who co-created and produce the Superwomen in Science podcast. The podcast discusses the past, present and future of women in science, aiming to inspire young women entering scientific fields and provide a supportive community for current lady scientists.

Tahani Baakdhah

I am a PhD student at the University of Toronto studying how the stem cells built our retina during development, the mechanism by which the light sensing cells inside the eye enable us to see this beautiful world and how we can regenerate these cells in case of disease or Read More